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The oral thin film market is expanding because of the growing demand for thin-film medication delivery methods. Thin films have been mentioned as a possible substitute for conventional dosage forms. The active ingredient is released quickly and continuously through oral thin-film technology, guaranteeing that the right dose reaches the right place in the body. Thin-film drugs are believed to be preferred by both patients and medical professionals since they are user-friendly and produce superior results. Oral thin film medications are advantageous to patients since they are portable and convenient to carry. These also offer precise and correct dosing, producing the intended positive outcome. As a result, the market for thin film drug delivery systems has experienced significant growth.

Oral thin film technology

Oral thin films are a superior alternative approach to conventional dosage forms because they are easy to swallow, self-administrable and give quick onset of action. The demand for thin films is rising globally, and many pharmaceutical firms have already patented many production methods, and for good reason. Thin films are, in fact, a non-invasive drug delivery method that secure dramatic improvements in patient compliance and therapeutic treatments. Their flexible design also improves the patent extension of specific active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).

Medical devices

Working towards developing effective surgical and wound care treatments, LN Laboratories is focusing on some of the best solutions on the market. Specifically, Chitosan-based wound dressings and topical sprays. The technology we use is centred on our knowledge of bio-materials and polymer science to – ultimately – create greater patient comfort, safety and convenience. Applications span from hassle-free wound dressing to front-line bleeding control products for the treatment of surgical, chronic-infected and trauma wounds.


Our cutting-edge technology is geared towards producing sterile ophthalmic products that protect our patients’ eyesight. That’s why our eye care products and therapies currently include an advanced technique for compounding, producing and packing products. Besides preventing eye disorders and diseases, our sustainable solutions and specialised products satisfy our clients’ needs and turn therapeutic eye care possibilities into reality.


In line with the growth, LN Laboratories has reoriented its operations to respond to pharmaceutical companies’ unique injectable formulation requirements. Be it for a technology transfer of an existing formulation, an improvement of an existing formulation or the development of a custom formulation from scratch. Our services are for all commonly used injectable formulations, including intravenous, subcutaneous, intramuscular, or aseptic liquid or emulsion development for parenteral applications.

About oral thin film technology

Oral thin films are a fast-growing drug delivery method because they are easy to administer, making them the preferred choice by medical professionals as well as paediatric, geriatric and psychiatric patients. Medically, they have a high-level of acceptance. Practically, they’re more stable and easier to carry. It’s a win-win.