Our mission is to ensure the generation of accurate and precise findings.


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About the Company

LN Laboratories (est. 2020) is on a mission to transform medication adherence. We believe everyone deserves effective treatments, but traditional forms often pose challenges, hindering successful treatment for bedridden or non-compliant patients. Our team addresses this by developing innovative, improved finished dosage forms. We leverage cutting-edge drug delivery technology to redesign essential medicines, creating patient-friendly options that are easier to take and manage, ultimately improving adherence and treatment outcomes. Our commitment extends beyond innovation. We prioritize affordability and reliability by strategically developing products in India, ensuring the highest quality and value for patients worldwide.

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What Makes Us Special

Why Choose Us

Synergy of Innovation

Gain the advantage of both our seasoned researchers' extensive knowledge and their unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of Oral Thin Flim (OTF) technology.


Our collaborative approach entails thoroughly understanding your unique objectives and challenges.

Accelerated Development

Accelerate the progressive of your concept to the clinical phase efficiently with LN Laberotaries. Partner with us to minimise delays and propel your innovation towards clinical realisation.


Mitigate risks associated with OTF development with our expert stability testing. Learn more about how we can bulletproof your OTF development.

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Quality Policy

We commit to:-
  • Building & Trusting relationships with our clients by delivering elite quality products.
  • Be a proficient and responsive supplier of high-quality health care products compliant with Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP) and Good Distribution Practice(GDP) standards in both Domestic and international markets.
  • Our commitment extends to integrating environmental, Health, and Safeguards into our quality framework.

Our Facility

Our R&D facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to produce formulations for thin film technology, medical devices, ophthalmics, and injectable products. Our ISO certifications serve as a testament to the excellent quality of our products and our commitment to a strong manufacturing process.

Spanning 20,000 square feet, our technologically advanced infrastructure includes formulation Research and Development labs, Analytical Research labs, and other ancillaries. Our experienced scientists use advanced testing labs to create custom products that abide by global regulations, from start to finish we deliver timely results, satisfying even the most complex projects.

20,000 SQF
ISO 9001
ISO 13485
ISO 14001

Chairman’s Message

“We are evolving into a technologically advanced and research-based pharmaceutical company. As part of our dynamic development, we wish to become a leading intellectual force in improving global health and wellbeing. By encouraging new ideas and opportunities, we inspire trust which – in turn –enhances our corporate value.”

Director’s Message

“At LN Laboratories, our two main priorities are to Supply much-needed low-cost niche items to Indian and International markets in unison with investments in product innovations. To achieve this, we focus on providing products and services of the highest quality that satisfy our client’s needs.”


Meet Our Specialist


Adhinarayana P, is the mastermind behind data-driven insights, leveraging a keen eye for decision-making of the company.


A Srinivas Krishna, is the driving force behind our business growth, combining market with a knack for cultivating profitable opportunities.


R S L Aparna, brings a holistic perspective, aligning departmental efforts with overarching company objectives.

Procurement & Packaging Lead

B S S Phaneendra Raju, navigates through the intricate landscape of supply chains to secure optimal resources.